XT-XINTE RON 650 MAN 4 axes fibre pliant carbone 3K Drone Kit RTF aucun adaptateur batterie TX & RX

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  • Multi-rotor flight control Built-in three-axis gyroscope and three-axis acceleration sensor, support for self-stabilizing, super stable flight performance Support the general receiver, FUTABA S.BUS receiver, DSM2, DSMX 11MS, DSMX 22MS receiver, simplifying connection installation more convenient, ultra-bright LED Product Specifications: Processor:32BIT ARM Voltage:3.6V-8.4V Current:60mA* Output rate:360Hz Dimension(L-W-H):43X29X13MM Weight:13g
  • To make the parcel smaller,we will take off some screws,just as the picture shows,you just need to screw on the frames when you get the item,wish you can understand:
  • 4 axis Aircraft will be released soon from Company, this 4 axis aircraft should be more economic and more delicate in design, stay tuned we will update the news timely. You may need other Quadcopter. Folding 4 axis Aircraft adopts Toray 3K carbon fiber cloth woven carbon fiber plate 3K hollow carbon fiber twill pure carbon fiber tube (non-3K glassy carbon tube) Full CNC machining, design standards higher than similar products, the full set of rack weighs only 485 grams. Full folding design to meet portability requirements, particularlyparticularly suited to do surveillance, remote sensing, mapping, airborne reconnaissance,Observed fire, life exploration, the cable line patrol, farm monitoring, and other high mobile performance requirements. 4 axis Aircraft Detailed specifications read related accessories Description:(Please purchase separately) Recommended Configuration 1: gopro configuration (recommended) 180-250W Motor 20 A ESC the 4 S 5000 battery 10-12 inch propeller Recommended configuration: micro single configuration (generally recommended) 300-400W Motor 30 A ESC the 4 S 5000-10000 battery 12-14 inch propeller Recommended configuration: SLR configuration (not recommended) 400W motor 40 A ESC 6 S 5000-10000 battery 14-17 inch propeller 350kv Brushless Disk Motor:
  • Package listing: IRON MAN 650 4-Axis Folding 3K Carbon Fiber Aluminum Tubes Frame Kit * 1 MK KK Multi-Copter Power Battery to 8 ESC Connection Board * 1 8S-5A 5A U-BEC UBEC * 1 30A-Pro 2-6S 30A Speed Controller ESC * 4 350KV Brushless Disk Motor high Thrust With Mount * 4 14x5.5 3K Carbon Fiber Propeller * 2 pair QQ SUPER Multi-rotor Flight Control Built-in 3-axis Gyroscope * 1 Tool kit(3.5MM banana plug and male T plug) * 1 Warm tips: This set do not include the battery and adapter TX&RX,please purchase seperately,we suggest 4s or up to 4s Lipo battery!


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