Parrot Croix centrale pour AR.DRONE 2.0


(au 21/07/2018 à 07:37 UTC)

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UGS : B007HZLOMO Catégorie :


The central cross is the rigid central structure of the AR.Drone. It is supplied already assembled, made of tough PA 66 high grade plastic with 4 x carbon fibre tubes, plus 4 x motor mounts. The engine mount allows easy removal and reassembly of the motors, and incorporates two self lubricating bronze plain bearings. The central cross has an arrow mark showing how it must be inserted into the body set. This part has been designed to be particularly light and strong. It includes two wiring circuits, one to provide the battery power to the engines, and another to control each motor. They are terminated by a connector for each motors controller.


  • Description du produit: Parrot - PF070036AA
  • Type de produit: Croix centrale
  • Compatible: Pour AR.DRONE 2.0
  • Garantie du fabricant: 1 an


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